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Discovering Abu Dhabi with Kids

The United Arab Emirates is a great family vacation destination.  For tourists, Dubai may be the most popular location to visit but Abu Dhabi, the capitol of UAE, also has a lot to offer visitors.  When visiting as a family there is a lot to see there to keep everyone happy and engaged!  Here are 3 top experiences for families visiting Abu Dhabi:

abu dhabi grand mosque

Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque 

This architectural masterpiece is the largest mosque in UAE and can hold 41,000 people!  It’s an absolutely beautiful edifice and a wonderful place for families to visit together and learn about the Muslim faith.

abu dhabi grand mosque

As a place of worship, it offers kids a chance to practice their most respectful behavior and learn about the culture.  The ornate decor, exquisite chandeliers and world record holding hand woven rugs are interesting points to discuss and study.

abu dhabi grand mosque

Proper attire is required and strictly enforced (long sleeves and bottoms for men and women, head coverings for women, while children are just encouraged to dress respectfully).  Touring the grounds does not require a lot of time but the moments spent at this famous mosque will certainly be the most memorable of your visit to Abu Dhabi.

abu dhabi grand mosque

abu dhabi heritage village

Heritage Village Abu Dhabi 

Heritage Village in Abu Dhabi is a recreation of a historical Arab village located on the water in the Abu Dhabi Marina neighborhood.  There are beautiful water views as a back drop for the artisan craft shops & reconstructed desert dwellings.

heritage village abu dhabi

There are also a variety of monthly festivals that occur throughout the year.  We spent time wandering the lovely grounds, taking in the scenery, feeling like we were transported in time.

abu dhabi heritage village use

It is a very interactive way for the kids to learn about ancient Arabic culture.  You can wander through the stone dwellings and learn about how the homes were kept cool in the desert heat.  You can have a (short) camel ride or visit one of the artisans in the shop district.

abu dhabi heritage village use

The pottery shop was a favorite with the girls as the artisan there let them actually use the potters wheel and helped them to sculpt the clay into beautiful jars..

abu dhabi heritage village camel use

Ferrari World

Ferrari World is an epic amusement park and entertainment center on Yas Island in Abu Dhabi.

ferrari world abu dhabi uae

It is a great place for the entire family with thrill rides for all ages, entertaining shows, dining and of course a show room of exquisite cars.  There are factory tours, interactive game shows and shopping!

ferrari world driving course abu dhabi

Our family was not able to visit Ferrari World on our trip to Abu Dhabi, but oh how we wish we did!  If you are in the area and have the time I would definitely plan a day at Ferrari World; our family certainly will on our next trip to Abu Dhabi!

These are just a few of the top attractions to visit as a family in Abu Dhabi.  I would highly recommend the UAE for a unique family adventure trip!


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