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Food Republic Review

We sailed the Norwegian Escape a while ago because A) we are cruise lovers who found a great off season deal and B) it was the newest ship on the market at the time and we wanted to experience all the bells and whistles for ourselves.  This cruise was a girls cruise (my best buddy and my two daughters sailed with me) and fortunately we are all foodies!  We had Food Republic high on our list of places we wanted to eat during our cruise on the Escape.  Food Republic was all over the NCL website and promotional videos we’d seen.  It was also featured in a lot of Youtube videos by other cruisers.  This was clearly the place to eat if you were headed onto the Escape and we wanted to see for ourselves.  Well, the restaurant totally lived up to the hype.

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tortola cane garden bay
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Cane Garden Bay Tortola

Tortola is a quaint, small island in the British Virgin Islands.  Consisting of only 21 square miles and gloriously perfect beaches it’s a perfect spot for those looking for peace and quiet on vacation.  These qualities have made it one of the most popular cruise destinations in the Eastern Caribbean.  There are many flawless beaches on Tortola and Cane Garden Bay is one of the most popular, for a very good reason.

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NCL Escape Family Cruise- Travelogue Day 2- At Sea

We enjoy cruising as a family.  Living in Central Florida makes it easy and economical because we don’t have flight costs on top of our cruise fare.  I sailed on the Norwegian Escape in October of 2016.  Our first morning onboard was sunny and clear. Hurricane Matthew was gearing up strength in another part of the Caribbean but our skies were blue and the ocean breeze was SO refreshing.

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Norwegian Escape Eastern Caribbean Cruise: Travelogue Day One

I had my eye on the Norwegian Escape for about one year; it debuted in 2015 and hubby and I were intrigued by the fresh, modern appeal of NCL’s newest ship. Off and on throughout the year I would casually check the rates to see how prices fluctuated with the season. I was not surprised to see prices drop after the summer 2016 season ended and hurricane season started but I was shocked at the incredible rates available in late Sept and October of this year.

Hubby and I talked it over and decided that I would take the girls and go with a one of my closest friends during the first week of October. He had to travel on business that week anyways so it seemed like a win win!
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5 Reasons to Love Disney Very Merry Time Cruises

I am a Christmas junkie.  I love the music, I love the decorations, I love being surrounded by the warm fuzzies every day of the month of December.  I also love cruising (in case you hadn’t noticed by now) and I clearly love Disney!  Disney’s Very Merry Time Cruises combine three of my most favorite things and if you haven’t enjoyed one yet, here are 5 reasons to plan a Very Merry Time Cruise with Disney for your family.

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